Where the idea came from .........

When my son was born almost 11 years ago, I was quite overwhelmed with the response from my friends and family. I was one of the first amongst my close friends to 'reproduce', and my husband and I were innundated with well-wishes from people far and wide. We received cards, letters, phone calls, text messages, e-mails, bunches of flowers, not to mention the presents ..... it was quite amazing. I had not realised how strongly people react to a new life. I am a bit of a hoarder, I admit, but I am not a very organised hoarder. So I kept all of these 'well-wishes' on a window sill in our study! The pile grew and grew and eventually I decided that I would like to file them away somehow. A standard photo album with pockets or sticky sleeves was not appropriate since everything was different sizes. So I looked at scrapbooks, but they were either too flimsy or had ghastly covers! I knew exactly what I wanted - a hard back simple book with a cute cover, preferably with his name on, with plain card pages for me to stick things on and write things on ..... so I thought, why not make one myself?!

That is where the idea was born ...

I must admit that I was very pleased with how my son's album turned out. By this point, my daughter had arrived on the scene - just one year and 7 days after my son's arrival! So I made one for her too! A couple of my friend's admired them, and asked me to make them one. And from then on it was word of mouth. I attended a few local craft fairs which were helpful in 'getting my name out there', and I haven't looked back since!

Albums then progressed into Greeting Cards. Then bunting to commemorate football teams, Moshi monsters… you name it….

No.3 child arrived, and then I discovered patchwork and machine embroidery. My daughter (now 10 yrs) loves cushions, hence the cushion craze began.

Next thing (apparently) will be phone covers!

The only thing I feel I need to apologise for is my website. I am NOT a web designer!!

But my intention is that you can see examples of what I have done, and hopefully I have succeeded in that!!