The first thing I do is to design the card on the computer. This may involve using a design I already have, adapting a current design or searching online for and possibly buying a new design from an Embroidery website.

This design is a Congratulations on someone’s Engagement. The brief is to incorporate champagne glasses, the couple’s names and the date.



When I have designed it, the computer programme allows me the option to view it ‘stitched out’ so I can have a rough idea as to what it will look like. I may email this picture to the customer for them to check at this stage. When I am happy with the design, I save it onto the special memory card for the sewing machine.

When I put the memory card into the sewing machine, the design appears on the sewing machine screen. The machine advises me which hoop size to use, plus it advises which colour threads would be best for the design. I don't always agree! I then cut out a piece of stabiliser and a piece of white felt which are about an inch bigger than the hoop. I ‘hoop’ these two fabrics making sure they are taut without being stretched. I sort out my threads, and I’m ready to begin stitching.

The hoop slides into the embroidery arm of the sewing machine. I thread the machine up with the first colour, and off it goes! The machine stitches the design one colour at a time. This design has 7 colours in total, but 10 colour changes. This is because the pale yellow is used at the beginning of the design, and then later on in layering. I have to thread and re-thread the machine during the whole design.

This design is a fairly ‘simple’ design, and takes 40 minutes from start to finish to stitch out.

Once the design is finished, all the loose threads need trimming.




I then cut the design out and iron it flat. Using a strong spray glue, I then stick it firmly to the card…. And it is finished!


So, this simple design takes just over an hour to produce.

£5– for a personalised excellent quality greetings card, which could be framed as a picture to treasure forever?

 Incredible value, I’d say!


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